You’ve heard him with Macklemore, Solange, Adele, Rihanna, DNCE, FIFTH HARMONY, Bastille, Ricky Martin, Macy Gray, and Andy Grammar. You’ve watched him on America’s Got Talent. You may have even seen him in campaigns for Nike, Adidas, Tommy Hilfiger and Cadillac. 

Well, gather round, everyone, and let’s watch his solo endeavor flourish:

Baltimore raised and Brooklyn reborn, Darius Christian is a genre-bending force of nature. The sound: FRESH - Brassy and agile trombone stylizations, rich vocals. spoken word, and insatiable jubilant energy. An upsettingly good band of NYC thoroughbreds, his music is something you need, and you need it now. One could place him on the list of “Renaissance Men” due to his exploits in modeling, film, composition, and media, but the real renaissance can be found in his music. Music to get lost. Music to fall in love. Music to laugh. Music to forget hate. Music. 


Photographer: Leonardo Mascaro